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Angelic Realms Productions is a Holistic Bio-Spiritual healing business based in Twin Cities, Minnesota. Our mission is to help individuals interested in spiritual growth and gaining harmonic balance in their lives. We provide education on all of our services, including but not limited to energy medicine, sound frequency, crystal healing, self-empowerment, meditation, mindfulness, and consultations for nutrition and supplements. Angelic Realms Productions is committed to your well-being and helping you achieve your goals.

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At Angelic Realms Productions, we value the well-being of our students and are committed to helping them achieve their goals. Here are some testimonials from our satisfied clients.


"Marla is amazing with her advice, energy, and humming. After one session, she helped me improve my mindset. Her energy also helped me physically. I had neck popping and pain that stopped after one session!! I am still in shock at how much she helped me! I am so grateful."


"Marla your time and teachings have introduced me to a new horizon and a loving flow to connect to my consciousness. I embrace this journey and growth to improve my mind, body, and soul. Thank you for clearing my magnetic flow and helping me release negativity. The divine connection with you, your spirit guidance, PEMF, and my need for mantra creation is exactly what my higher power love requires of me. Praise the Lord for discovering the Krystos Diamond Sun Body. Holy Sacred as ONE! "


"Marla has helped me in so many positive ways.  She provided easy to use tools that assisted me to understand my personal spiritual path and supported me while on my journey of emotional healing.  She is extremely kind, knowledgeable, passionate and has a loving soul.  She's always been available to me and genuinely desires happiness for everyone." 

"The content on this site, as well as any services or products offered, are intended solely for educational and informational purposes. It should not be utilized for the diagnosis or treatment of any condition or disease. The cases and testimonials provided serve illustrative purposes only. There is no explicit or implied guarantee of results. Participation in any product or Spiritual Support Session carries inherent risks, and individual responses may vary. Therefore, results cannot be predicted with absolute accuracy. If you are currently under the care of a physician or other healthcare practitioner, or have been diagnosed with any condition or disease, please consult with them before making any changes or participating in any programs, including meditation and spiritual work. Angelic Reams Productions and Marla B. Lindner explicitly disclaim any liability of any kind or nature associated with the use of the content, services, or products available on this site and related booking platforms." 

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