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Consciousness Connection

Mind  Body  Soul


Welcome to Angelic Realms Productions. You finally arrived and it is not a coincidence. Something in your soul told you to visit us or you wouldn't be here.  Are you trying to find your purpose in life and why you exist? Are you wanting a shift in your energy field and consciousness, enlightenment, freedom from pain and suffering, healing, energy tools and are ready to learn the truth of who you are? Only you have the answers within.

We are Ascending into higher levels of Consciousness also known as The Ascension. The time is NOW to delve deeper into levels of YOU and Your SOUL!  When you heal, energetic pathways open and amazing things happen.

We can help facilitate a shift in your Energy Flow and Consciousness.


In the Project Page you will find a compilation of videos I have created . From Consciousness Connection, Water Testing, Sound of Frequency for my beautiful Enzo and a link to watch my trip visiting the Tesla Tower in Milford, TX. Please visit Angelic Realms Productions on Rumble.

Who would've thought that we have a Energetic Highway System in our body?! What an amazing gift we have been given to have control of our Energy System Pathway. To learn about the first 7 Inner Chakras, please go here.


 Money has been a topic for many Energy Workers. We wish we could work for free and maybe one day soon it will happen. This has been a huge topic for me and many others. I contemplate daily about this. I had to find a balance to meet both of our needs since we will be working together. Even though I have set prices, I will never turn anyone away from Energy Work unless they are Inorganic or Disrespectful. So if you are having financial difficulties and still need Energy work, don't hesitate to message me. We will figure out a plan that works for both of us. Out of kindness, love and compassion we will achieve greatness together. 

Blue Water

What Do We Offer

Marla has been gifted abilities from The Heavenly Realms and she would like to share them with you.


Sound of Frequency Humming with Crystal Energy Work

Etheric Surgery(Removes Distortions, AI Attachments, Cord Cutting

Negative Energy, Chakra Blockages and more)

Please go here to learn about Chakra Energy Pathways


Pulsed Electromagnetic Healing (In House/Available for Travel)

Guided Consciousness Connection

Spiritual Guidance

Midwife of Spirit

Energy Clearing(Traditional/Modern)/Intention Setting

Inner Child Healing

Spiritual Guidance in Loss

Mantra Creation

Connection to Guides

Wellness Guidance

Sounds of Frequency Humming
Etheric Surgery Video

Please join Lea Anne and I for a great conversation on Energy Fields, Psychedelic Psybicilin, Merkaba Field and Sound of Frequency Humming Session.

There are 3 different Types of Indigos. Which one are you?  I'm Indigo 2 which primarily focuses on Guiding and Healing.  Many Indigos are teachers of Sound of Frequency as well. Please go this link to learn more.

Sound of Frequency Humming is also called Etheric Surgery. It's a new type of healing modality.  It Breaks up Distortions, Helps Remove AI, Negative Entities/Energies, Breaks Cords, Opens Chakra Fields and more.  My body frequency aligns and adjusts with your frequency. You will hear all different pitches  while I'm Humming.  Many say they  feel different things while I'm doing SOFH, from tingling, ears ringing, stomach gurgling, a feeling of open and connection to their Consciousness, disconnection to what doesn't serve a purpose, healing from emotional stress  and more.  Once you leave after having SOFH the effects stay with you. It is important to write down your dreams and continue with your Mantras so you can watch yourself flourish with better energy flow. When you have a session with me, I go through 7 of your main Chakras with SOFH to help  your energy points move so you can have a better Flow of Energy which leads to better health, consciousness connection and deeper feelings of trusting  yourself at all levels. It also helps open and connect you to your Auric Field.

What does it feel like receiving Etheric Humming Sound of Frequency? How often should I do it? Can you do Humming remotely?

Many feel different sensations from tingling, a release from emotional and physical pain, internal vibration, recharging of energy and more. Many times, when humming I will pause and explain what I am feeling and consult with you. There is an aspect of Intuitive Guidance when practicing this type of frequency.

I recommend starting with at least 3 sessions. You may purchase one session at a time to see if it feels right for you. Many like having Etheric Surgery done once a week as part of their routine to clear their energy fields and help open Chakra pathways. I recommend Etheric Surgery before any Inner Child work or Surgical/Medical Procedure before and after.

Sound of Frequency is available remotely and I recommend utilizing it while traveling and as often as possible to keep a balance in energy fields.

                                                                 From the Ascension Glossary

"At this time of accelerated evolution, it is required for some Indigo’s undergoing the Ascension process to be assisted with Etheric Surgery. Etheric Surgery is a new term for a new group of facilitators emerging to work on the multidimensional anatomy by supporting the Nadis system or other layers of the Auric Field. The Nadis System is the Electrical Nerval Plexus that receives and transmits the new frequencies being absorbed into the entire individual energy matrix and the cellular body. It acts as an energetic "switchboard" for the entire bio-energy field. The Nadis system is located at the etheric template layer of the energy bodies and may need to be upgraded in order to be more easily calibrated to the new energies introduced to the personal field. This rewiring will hold the new resonant frequencies in the individual's body with minimum discomfort. Etheric Surgery will be an emerging career, as one of the many new healing modalities surfacing at this time of human transition."


                              I apologize for my sound system in the video.

To Book An Appointment Go Here

Abstract Blur

What is a Chakra

Our Chakra System are pathways to our entire Energy Fields inside and outside of our body . They extend beyond our physical bodies to our Auric Fields. My job is to help clear your Energetic Pathways(Chakras), guide you to Healing and Consciousness Connection. When your Chakra Energy Pathways are clear you get a full EXPERIENCE of Consciousness Connection. When they are blocked you feel stuck in most aspects in life and we don't want that.  Blocked Chakras can lead to poor health, being unhappy in relationships, lack of Connection to self and God./Source, feeling lack of zest for life and more. We want you Healthy and Connected because there is so much to look forwards to. More than you even know.....YET!

When doing my Sound of Frequency Humming it helps remove Negative Energetic Blockages, AI, Cord Cutting(and more)  in the Chakra System to create a FLOW. A pathway for to make a Energetic Connection to Consciousness.


Pulsed Electromagnetic Healing helps heal cells. Along with Past Generational  Pain, Past Life Pain and Present Pain.

Inner Child work helps heal deep past wounds, puts closure to memories that no longer serve you any purpose and that have hinder us from growth. Healing from Inner Child pain is extremely beneficial for your Chakras and for mental health.


When Healing pain it creates Expansion and Growth. It makes room for happiness, love and enlightenment and so much more. 

Lisa Renee is the Author of The Ascension Glossary and she explains in depth what A Chakra Energy System is.

Chakra Function to transmit and receive the Spectrum of Frequency from the Universal Time Matrix through our body which acts as a vessel of Consciousness:


It is important to open the chakras and increase the circulation of energy flow or life force because the more energy that is flowing, the healthier and more balanced we are. When we are in energetic balance and have reasonable integration and connections between our body, mind and spirit, it is much easier for us to expand our consciousness and embody our higher spiritual blueprint. Illness in the body is caused by energetic imbalances or blockages of the flow through any of the layers of the bodies systems. Energy circulation blockages create Dead Energy and Miasma which lead to dysfunctions, disease patterns and pain.



Reduced energy flow not only leads to illness and states of disease, it creates distorted perceptions that allow us to be out of harmony with the natural laws that interfere with experiencing life as our true authentic self. The function of the chakras is to spin and draw in vital essences and consciousness energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance.




7 Particle Chakras

The Chakras major functions are:


1. Vitalize the Auric bodies and thus the physical body, organs and glands.


2. To bring about the biological spiritual growth and development of different aspects of self-consciousness and connection to life. Each Chakra is related to a specific psychological (higher spiritual blueprint) form and has specific intelligent functions. Many of these functions are designed to increase Higher Sensory Perception.



Anti-Particle Chakras 8-15

3. To transmit energy between the Auric layers. Each Auric body has its own set of seven major (particle) Chakras, and eight anti-particle Chakras each located in the same place on the physical body. Each progressive layer exists in increasingly higher Frequency, each with a higher frequency band than the lower one. Energy is transmitted from one layer to the next through pathways in the conical tips of the Chakra. Most of these pathways are sealed in most people. They open through the intention to align to expanding their consciousness or through spiritual purification work, such as when doing regular Meditation and devotional prayer. Since the Chakras serve to vitalize the body to create health and well being, when they are blocked, they are directly involved to any kind of pathology that may exist in the body.

Chakras are part of the subtle energy body, not the physical body, and as such, are the meeting points of the subtle (non-physical) energy channels, called the etheric nadis which are apart of the Nadial System. Nadis are channels in the subtle body through which the life force (prana), or vital energy moves and circulates. Chakras have a physical manifestation as well as are the metaphysical counterpart to the endocrine glands. 


Various scriptural texts and teachings present a different number of chakras. There are many chakras in the subtle human body according to many ancient wisdom and tantric texts, but there are seven chakras that are considered to be the most important ones in the main vertical central column which is called the Hara Line. The model we use is that there is seven primary particle chakras and eight anti-particle chakras that total to fifteen main chakras. Each chakra corresponds to the same number as the color Spectrum of Frequency and dimensional location in the Universal Time Matrix. Their name derives from the Sanskrit word for "wheel" or "turning", but in the yogic context a better translation of the word is 'vortex or whirlpool'. The main chakras operate similarly as the hard drive of a computer. Each hard drive has many files and directories stored as memories. One of the files is always open in each of the chakras, no matter how "closed" that particular chakra may be. What is displayed by the file is what shapes the individuals reality experience.

Author- Lisa Renee 

Ascension Glossary


Flower in Sunlight


This woman is amazing with her advice, energy and

humming. After one session, she helped me improve my mind set. Her energy also helped me physically. I had neck popping and pain that stopped after one session!! I am still in shock how much she helped me! I am so grateful!


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