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We Need YOU!

You are very brave for wanting to breathe in your Consciousness. You are very brave to want to feel your soul FLOW so you can have expansion and growth. This may be one of the hardest but yet most rewarding gifts you will be doing for yourself. You have taken a step to want to feel love from The Universe. You have taken a step to Connect to YOUR Consciousness! You have taken a step to Collectively Connect with like minded individuals who are Awakening to The Shift in Consciousness. 


I will help guide you to improve your Mind, Body and Soul. I will help remove Energy Blocks in your Chakra System so you can have a Magnetic FLOW through your heart and mind that is needed for Consciousness Connection. You will learn how to change your thought pattern through rewiring how you think. You will learn to fall in LOVE with yourself! Your reward for your hard work will be Enlightenment, Higher Levels of Connection to Consciousness, A Healthier You in every aspect of your life. You will feel the Flow of Energy in your Soul. Many who do the work have had life changing experiences to their mental and physical health, relationships with friends, family and loved ones and has brought the Meaning of Life to the forefront to ones Spirit. Many have said, it has helped them to connect to their inner selves, to their Angel Guides and they feel it has allowed their coding activation to be enhanced. And who wouldn't want that?!


I look forward to guiding you and watching you blossom into all the gifts that were intended just for YOU!


Much Love,



Sedona, Arizona August 2023

What does Marla Offer and What has she been GIFTED?








Marla has been gifted abilities from The Heavenly Realms and she would like to share them with you.

Gifted Abilities

Sound of Frequency Humming

Etheric Surgery(Removes Distortions, AI Attachments, Cord Cutting Negative Energy, Blockages and more)

Pulsed Electromagnetic Healing(In House)

Guided Consciousness Connection

Spiritual Guidance

Midwife of Spirit

Energy Clearing(Traditional/Modern)/Intention Setting

Inner Child Healing

Spiritual Guidance in Loss

Mantra Creation

Connection to Guides

Relationship Guidance

Diet and Nutrition Guidance


          Sound of Frequency

What is Sound of Frequency Humming?

Everything has an Energy Frequency. The type of Energy that has been gifted to me is called Humming. It creates Sound and Vibrational Frequencies. I've been gifted a technique that breaks up Distortions, AI, Negative Energy, Cuts Cords (cuts

energy attached to you from others and self) Helps Produce Relaxation, Chakra Clearing to get a Flow through your Energy Fields, Emotional Release, Better Health and so much more. The sound produced comes deep from my Vegus Nerve which is the High Way to our Parasympathetic Nervous System. It carries signals between your brain, heart and digestive system.


My humming self regulates with your body vibration and it's vibration is carried through out your entire system. Many also call this Etheric Surgery. Etheric Surgery is a new term for new group of Practitioners (some Indigo's) facilitating this type of healing that works with the Nadis System or layers of Auric Field. The Nadis System is the Electrical Nerval Plexus that receives and transmits the new frequencies being absorbed into the entire individual energy cellular body. It is located at the Etheric template layer of the energy body.

Before and After any Energy work I first bring in Ancient Traditions of Energy Cleansing. I Smudge White Sage or Palo Santo Wood. This helps clear Energy Fields to Initiate my work. I may gently touch Chakra areas and use Crystals in areas that you are having pain as a tool.

I recommend a minimal of 3 initial sessions In Person or Remotely to be utilized within a week or two to help see quicker results. The more often Sound of Frequency Humming initially is used, the better you will feel.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Healing

What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Healing/PEMF


PEMF therapy works to heal the ailments of the body, from broken bones, muscle aches, insomnia and from my experience....It has healed Past Generational Pain that is held in our cellular DNA. Which is absolutely amazing especially since I am using this healing modality with my practice in helping work through the Chakra System. It lessens the effects of debilitating various diseases. The technology is continuously advancing to help people live meaningful lives, working from the cellular level up. Overall, PEMF has been found to be an effective adjunctive enhancement to almost any condition, therapy and lifestyle. PEMF super charges your health like nothing else.


Benefits of PEMF 


PEMF reduces pain, makes soft tissue more flexible, improves sleep, allows the body to heal faster, increases blood flow and enhances blood and tissue oxygenation. It improves clotting factors, the uptake of nutrients, regenerates your cells, helps improve nerve functions, reduces the effects of stress on the body, reduces blood pressure and improves cholesterol. Additionally, PEMF helps the body to detoxify, promotes cellular detoxification, enhances the immune system stimulating RNA and DNA, accelerates the repair of bone and reduces muscle tension. All this and more.


Scientifically Proven Effects Using PEMF 

1. Vasodilation- Increase in blood and oxygen supply.

2. Analgesics Action- Pain Management 

3.Anti-inflamation Action-Breaks the inflammation cycle

4. Spasmodic Activity-Increases Movement 

5. Anti-Spasmolytic Activity-Calms

6. Healing Acceleration- Speeds up healing up to 10x.

7. Anti-Edema Activity-Reduce Swelling

8. Recharges the Trans-Membrane Potential(or TMP)

9. Increase ATP production in the mitochondria. 

10. Enhances Sodium-potassium pump

11. Increases cellular pH to make the cells and body more alkaline.

12. Improves oxygen uptake and assimilation into the cells.

13. Lowers blood viscosity, improves circulation and microcirculation.

14. Creates a healthy level of electroporation-Improves nutrient.

Abstract Paint

Midwife of Spirit

In Person/Video/Phone Call/Visionary

I've been gifted Midwife of Spirit. At first I had no idea what was happening when a friends higher self came to me for assistance while in the process of dying. But after I had time to process things, it made perfect sense. You see, I've been making Cremation Jewelry for years ( and My Mother passed August 8th, 2022 and I had flown to California to help her transition. At the time I had not been gifted(or I clearly wasn't aware) nor did I understand the meaning of the date 8/8/2022 which is the highest manifestation date for The Lions Gate Portal. I really had no idea what was in store for me. Seven Months later my Father passed as well. That story I'll save for another time. Below is a description from The Ascension Glossary that best describes what my gift entails.


Safe Passage For Loved Ones

This process can be used prior to the passing from the body, knowing that the transition will take place at the appropriate time. It can be used repeatedly. It can also be used after transition from the body has been completed and its effectiveness will nevertheless be available to the being for support of their continuing journey. When a being is passing their body they will quite often be drawn toward the light you hold as a guidance beacon. This makes it both appropriate and possible to serve as a "midwife of the spirit" no matter how physically distant you may be from the individual who is passing, and even if you have not had a close relationship in current time frames. This process can also help with the necessary "letting go" of the human connection when we are close in heart relationship to someone who is moving on out of body. It can help us to be certain that we have done everything possible to support our friend or family member in their highest expression of their further journey.

If you have a desire to learn more, feel free to go here.


Let Your Consciousness Breathe You In

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