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Health, Wellness and Clean Living

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My Wellness Story

It was February 2020 and I was in a health emergency. I was very over weight, I was not happy in my marriage and knew I needed something different in my life. I was a Gastric Bypass fail (17 plus yrs out) who didn't change their mental being. No wonder I didn't have success. We were about to go into a lock down with a Parasitic Bio-Weapon and I was having a health crisis with a bowel obstruction (scar tissue from Gastric-Bypass). Bowel Obstructions are very scary and it was an experience that also became a blessing. After Emergency Surgery I became very sick. After speaking to a friend about some of my symptoms and doing research it turned out I had Candida. Candida is an over growth of yeast and mine was in my Gut.  With the entire medical world being in disarray, I had to figure out my own health. I learned what foods I should stay away from and what foods I could have. Traditional Western Medicine wouldn't be able to help regardless. They wanted to take throat and stomach biopsies and test my yeast levels.  I did endless research and after 3 months of being on the Candida Diet and I had lost 60 lbs all on my own. I finally found a Chiropractor who helped guide my gut to proper absorption and balance. I learned about specific supplements that would help my gut. I also learned about light, sound and vibration therapies.

Months later I found a wonderful Wellness Coach named Nikki Braun whom I interviewed. She is an expert in Heavy Metals and Parasites. Here is the interview.

 I learned so much about Parasites and Heavy Metals. That was a huge awakening in its self. Especially about how these buggers and metals cause Disease, Pain, Suffering, Mental Health Issues and Block Energy Pathways and so much more. Not only do Parasites empty their feces/urine in your body they feed off of heavy metals. So gross I know!

These toxins also keep you from losing weight by making you crave sugar, carbs and more. They mess with your memory, clarity, focus, immune system, body temperature regulation, endocrine system, affect your energy levels, sleep and quality of life. It's a viscous cycle that leads you no where but to illness unless you detox. Toxins are in everything unfortunately. It's very important to take charge of your health and start some type of detoxing and life style change if you haven't yet. Detoxing comes in many forms and I have done a handful. I promote what has worked for me. They may not work for everyone and I suggest doing research and do what feels right for you.

The blessing in getting sick was that I ended up taking control of my Health and Well Being. In return I re-programmed myself and how I think, how I feel and learned about my relationship with food and medicine. I became so inspired that I want to be able to share and help you on a new journey if you will let me. We all have our struggles and I know having a guiding hand makes life so much easier.  For the first 3 months of being sick it was rough. However, It made me go inward. It made me learn to trust and fall in love with my spirit. It helped mold who I became so I could help others be the best they can be on their healing journey.

Much Love,


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