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Get Your Flow Going On

Take CHARGE of your health!!!

     Pulsed Electromagnetic Field
            Healing Therapy/PEMF

 PEMF is a tool in my practice for Consciousness Connection which aids in Healing Past Generational Cellular DNA, Opens Chakra Energy Pathways, Reduces Inflammation and so much more.. It truly helps create a flow within your Chakra Energy Fields. As you lay on this mat you will feel a warm and slight tingling sensation of FIR( Far Infrared) which helps in healing and the pulsed energy field. Why not heal your Mind, Body and Soul all in unison?!




PDF FIle for the Brochure IMRS Prime

PDF File for the brochure for Athletes

Marla is a distributor for Swiss Bionic Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Healing Modalities. Feel free to contact her anytime and go to the link below if you would like to purchase your own PEMF healing modality.

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