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Questions and Answers

What does it feel like receiving Etheric Humming Sound of Frequency Surge? How often should I do it? Can you do Humming remotely?

Many feel different sensations from tingling, a release from emotional and physical pain, internal vibration, recharging of energy and more. Many times, when humming I will pause and explain what I am feeling and consult with you. There is an aspect of Intuitive Guidance when practicing this type of frequency.

I recommend starting with at least 3 sessions. You may purchase one session at a time to see if it feels right for you. Many like having Etheric Surgery done once a week as part of their routine to clear their energy fields and help open Chakra pathways. I recommend Etheric Surgery before any Inner Child work or Surgical/Medical Procedure before and after.

Sound of Frequency is available remotely and I recommend utilizing it while traveling and as often as possible to keep a balance in energy fields.

What does Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Healing feel like?

PEMF may feel different for each individual. There is Infra Red in the mat, so you do feel a heat component which can be adjusted. There are different intensities in the mat and it will feel different as the intensity goes up. Many have stated that they feel a tingle sensation or a gentle flow of energy running through their bodies. If there is an area in your body that has pain,the pulsed feeling may feel stronger in area.

How can we explain PEMF in simple and short terms?

PEMF = Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields in general are used in modern medicine for a variety of defined conditions. Depending on the applied properties (wave form, intensity, frequency, coherence), the exposed field creates local health-benefiting effects around the designated areas, where the field is targeted. iMRS prime as well as Omnium1 belong to the specific group of low-pulsed and low-frequency devices and due to their unique properties, both systems are designed to create a holistic effect on almost all of the approx. 70 Billion cells in an average human body. The particular principle of operation is based on the capability of boosting and enhancing the membrane potential of each cell with the result to improve microcirculation, metabolism and ultimately energy production (ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate). Low pulsed and low-frequency PEMF systems are NOT designed to target and/or treat a particular disease, their potential lies in the holistic effect of supporting the entire body to repair and restore its self-regulating forces. Compared to high-intensity and high-frequency devices, the iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems are absolutely safe to use and can be also legally utilized and self-operated in the comfort of people`s homes. iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems are both certified as medical devices and registered/regulated within all markets Swiss Bionic Solutions is supplying.

How do healthy people benefit from PEMF?

In order to create and maintain a healthy organism, the smallest intelligent building block, the human or animal cell, needs to perform on the highest level possible. Metabolism serves as the mechanism to transform all applied nutrients, oxygen and other vital substances into ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate and at the same time to efficiently release the produced �waste�. ATP is predominantly responsible for initiating and maintaining all vital functions within a living organism. In addition, proper microcirculation enables the organism to supply vital information via hormones and neurotransmitter, to effectively remove waste and to sustain immune defense. The performance and functions of all tissues, organs, glands, muscles and joints are subject to impeccable microcirculation and cellular functionality.

Why is PEMF more and more utilized in a clinical/professional environment?


  • Because it serves as a very effective conjunctional application, significantly improving success of established therapy routines!

  • Because it promotes comprehensive healing based on self-regulation!

  • Because there are almost no contraindications and interactions with medication or other therapies!

  • Because it provides the foundation for other therapies, specifically in cases, where a good constitution /energy level of the patient is crucial for the healing process!

  • Because its efficiency is nowadays medically acknowledged and scientifically proven!

  • Because it is easy to use, doesn't require expert staff and doesn't need supervision during an application!

  • Because PEMF often helps and improves state of health when other modalities show no results anymore!

  • Because it is non-invasive and very safe to use!

  • Because the cost-benefit ratio is unparalleled!

  • Because it requires no maintenance and is not a consumable!

  • Because iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems from Swiss Bionic Solutions are considered to be very safe, medically certified and legally regulated with the respective authorities!

Can I use PEMF, if I have a metal implant (surgical screws, staples, plates)?

Not every PEMF device can be used in case a patient carries a metal implant. High-intensity devices create interactions which may lead to a heating-up of the metal inside the body! iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems from Swiss Bionic Solutions can be used without any restrictions as their applied intensity levels are too low to create interactions with the metal.

How long do I need to use PEMF?

Basically, and if assigned because of a particular situation, apply as long as the healing period has been accomplished and you are free of any symptoms. However, PEMF application is also designed and effective as a preventive modality. Apart from a healthy lifestyle (proper diet, hydration, exercise, avoid alcohol and nicotine), implement PEMF application into your daily routine! The use of iMRS prime or Omnium1 is very beneficial in terms of keeping your entire organism healthy, PEMF supports relaxation, stress relief and improves your quality of sleep!

Are there legal contraindications or interactions?

PEMF devices of all kinds (high- and low-frequency, high- and low-intensity) are not free of contraindications and interactions. Depending on the applied field intensity, frequency and waveforms, contraindications may vary widely. Based on the risk analysis, which is a mandatory part of any medical certification, the legal contraindications for iMRS prime and Omnium1 are as following:

  • During pregnancy

  • In case of epilepsy

  • With electronic implants such as pacemakers or insulin pumps (exceptions with the consent of a treating physician)

  • Children younger than 2 weeks

In addition, the following so-called �relative contraindications�, therefore we name them interactions, need to be considered and must be evaluated by a licensed health care provider on an individual basis prior to a PEMF application:

  • Tumor illnesses

  • Serious cardiac arrhythmia

  • In acute attacks of hyperthyroidism

  • In the case of oversensitivity to electromagnetic radiation (EMS)

A manufacturer of any kind of PEMF devices, who does not mention any contraindications publicly (manuals, websites, educational material etc.), is not operating legally and may harm the user with hazardous, unclassified and non-compliant devices!


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