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Art By Marla

Marla has been creating Art for over 36 years which includes her time when she started Cosmetology School when she was 18. Her life changed with the loss of one of her beloved dogs named Bart. Studiodragonfly19 was created through her process of mourning and deep grief. She wanted to help others heal and feel comfort through creating Cremation Jewelry and Art. There are two on line Cremation Jewelry Stores. Both links are below. Marla's life always evolved around Creation, wanting to help others and animals.  As she continues on her path of Ascension and Activation, her Artistic gifts have drastically changed. A Tribal, Tropical and Healing Element has been drawn into her newest creations. Marla has been Commissioned to create custom creations quite often.  In the photo samples it shows her newest creation of Copper, Shungite, Crystal Power Protector Pet Collars. They protect your pet from EMF/ Electromagnetic Radiation Fields. Feel free to look at her most current creations here and contact Marla if you ever have any questions.


The Rings displayed here are part of Marla's Cremation Jewelry Line.


This Pendant is very special. I offer it to my customers to help as it has helped me so much. It is also part of the Kathara Grid. It is available in Sterling Silver and 10k Gold. This shape was given to from my Guides to help protect my energy fields

and raise my Consciousness.

This is the Most Divine Holy Sacred Symbol, which represents the Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine as equals in Holy Sacred Union as ONE. The Horizontal of the cross represents The Divine Feminine. The Vertical represents The Divine Masculine. The Diamond represents them embodied as ONE. This is a very Powerful Symbol and I practice using this multiple times a day. I invision this symbol with Divine Pure White  Platinum Light with my Divine Consciousness Energy and Enveloping my head in the middle of it. I invision this symbol moving all through my energetic body field. This helps greatly to remove negative entities and their attachments.

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