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Transform The Way you Look at ENERGY

White Flour

In Person or On Line Classes



 Enlightened Experience

Transform The Way you Look at ENERGY.

You are more POWERFUL than you realize.

Choose 2 Transformative In Person

Energetic Options for a 1.5 hour experience

Some classes may go over 1.5hrs. Longer Classes are available

Option 1. 

Energy Transformation
Sounds of Frequency Humming

Cord Cutting
Release Past Generational
Past Lives and Current Pain
Open Chakra Energetic Pathways
Remove Negative Entities
Energy Blocks
Remove Distortions and AI (EMF Energy attachments)
that does not serve a purpose.


Option 2.

Energy Protection Techniques

Guided  Protection Meditation
of one of the Strongest
Most Ancient
Energy Currents from the Heavenly Realms

The 12-D Maharic Shielding
Activate and Restore your Cellular Structure to help in Healing and Inner Guidance
Shielding your Auric Fields




Option 3.

Manifestation Techniques

Create YOUR Dream
Learn how to properly and responsibly manipulate energy into the Ethers

while bringing in Elements of  Gratitude. Will need an Element(crystal, wood, feather etc..)



Option 4.

Experience Cellular Healing and Rejuvenation
Pulsed Electro-Magnetitic Field

Helps aid in opening Chakras Energy Points



Option 5.

What are Harmonic Universes?
Over Souls/Higher Selves/Reincarnation

Ancient History


Choose Which Fits Best


Pick 3 Options for a 2 hour class

Dandelion Parachute Seed

The Pulse to Consciousness

6 Weeks of Higher Levels Of Consciousness

There comes a time in ones life when you need something more. Something deeper than just is. Deep inside you know it exists. If you are reading this right now, then you know it's pulling you in like a magnetic.

I invite you to embark on a journey into a 6 week course of Spirituality and Science, Light and Sound, Energy and Consciousness. The Universe holds the key to the structure of our very own multi-dimensional anatomy.

You will learn about your True Powers and how humans are an Angelic Race!!!

On Line Course Video

Part 1 Angelic Humans/Indigos/Law of One

Part 2. CDT Plates/Keylonta/Morphogentic Fields

Mind Blowing
Online Course
6 Weeks/6 Sessions

Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order
The Ascension
Consciousness Connection
DNA Activations
Bio-Spiritual Healing Techniques
Keylontic Science
Structure of The Universe
Kathara Grid
Ancient History

Language of Creation
Law of One
CDT Plates

(Units of Consciousness Energy)
Harmonic Universes
Holographic Time Matrix
Incarnates/Higher Selves
Grids Systems
Energy Protection Techniques


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