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Spiritual Integration Coaching

  • 4 hr
  • 745 US dollars
  • In house, On Line, Salt Rooms

Service Description

Spiritual Integration during your Awakening Journey is a very important process. Awakening can trigger so many emotions and feelings. It can affect relationships, your career, your health and so much more. You are in creation of an entirely new existence and will question everything. I will help guide you through your journey to integrate all aspects of your Awakening. Nothing goes untouched on your journey and you will need support. You will need someone to help explain what is happening through each step of Integration. The breaking down of your feelings, emotions, childhood pain, higher levels of self helps you heal and teaches you how to spot triggers so you can resolve deep issues quicker and more efficient.  This package includes 4 one on one integration conversations.  Many have needed this service  when in crisis mode or when needing guidance.  I will break things down so you can have a understanding of what is happening energetically. Once you have an understanding, we can get to the root cause and go through strategies that feel comfortable to you. If you prefer to have 1 integration conversation, please let me know and I can make a custom order for you.

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