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Marla B. Lindner 

Her journey to wellness began with childhood wounds that shaped her self-esteem. Cosmetic surgery initially seemed like a solution but only masked deeper issues. Trauma, including sexual abuse and lack of support, compounded her struggles. In February 2020, facing health crises and a failing marriage, Marla embarked on a transformative journey. Rejected by traditional medicine, she took charge of her health, uncovering the role of Candida, heavy metals, and parasites. Through research and alternative therapies, she shed 65 pounds and regained the essence of her Mind, Body and Soul . Discovering the link between toxins, mental health, and well-being, Marla embraced detoxification and lifestyle changes. Her journey empowered her to reprogram her mindset, create a balance with her relationship with food, and alternative homeopathic energy practices. Now, she wants to share her story to guide others on their path to holistic wellness, self empowerment and bio-spiritual healing development.

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Her Message To You

You are very brave for wanting to breathe in your consciousness. You are very brave to want to feel your soul flow so you can experience expansion and growth. This may be one of the hardest but yet most rewarding gifts you will give to yourself.

I will help guide you to improve your mind, body, and soul. I will help remove energy blocks in your Chakra System so you can have a magnetic flow through your heart and mind that is needed for consciousness connection. You will learn how to change your thought patterns through rewiring how you think. You will learn to fall in love with yourself! Your reward for your hard work will be enlightenment, higher levels of connection to consciousness, and a healthier you in every aspect of your life. You will feel the flow of energy in your soul. Many who do the work have had life-changing experiences in their mental and physical health, relationships with friends, family, and loved ones, and have brought the meaning of life to the forefront of their spirit. Many have said it has helped them to connect to their inner selves, to their angel guides, and they feel it has allowed their coding activation to be enhanced. 

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I look forward to guiding you and watching you blossom into all the gifts that were intended just for you!


Much love, Marla


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