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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Healing/PEMF?

PEMF therapy works to heal the ailments of the body, from broken bones, muscle aches, insomnia and from my experience....It has healed Past Generational Pain that is held in our cellular DNA. Which is absolutely amazing especially since I am using this healing modality with my practice in helping work through the Chakra System. It lessens the effects of debilitating various diseases. The technology is continuously advancing to help people live meaningful lives, working from the cellular level up. Overall, PEMF has been found to be an effective adjunctive enhancement to almost any condition, therapy and lifestyle. PEMF super charges your health like nothing else.

Benefits of PEMF

PEMF reduces pain, makes soft tissue more flexible, improves sleep, allows the body to heal faster, increases blood flow and enhances blood and tissue oxygenation. It improves clotting factors, the uptake of nutrients, regenerates your cells, helps improve nerve functions, reduces the effects of stress on the body, reduces blood pressure and improves cholesterol. Additionally, PEMF helps the body to detoxify, promotes cellular detoxification, enhances the immune system stimulating RNA and DNA, accelerates the repair of bone and reduces muscle tension. All this and more.

Butterfly Tattoo
Reiki Therapy

Midwife of Spirit

Safe Passage For Loved Ones

This process can be used prior to the passing from the body, knowing that the transition of ones consciousness will take place at the appropriate time. It helps alleviate fear, guilt and aids in proper guidance for the beloved and their family. It can also be used after transitioning from the body has been completed and support of their consciousness continuing their journey to the Heavenly Realms. When a loved one is passing, their consciousness may be confused. This makes it both appropriate and possible to serve as a "Midwife of the Spirit" no matter how physically distant you may be from the individual who is passing, and even if I haven't had a close relationship in current time frames. This process helps the one in need be guided properly to the Heavenly Realms and it also helps the family knowing their loved one is in "Safe Passage". It can also help with the necessary transition of the human connection when we are close in heart relationship to someone who is moving on out of body. It can help us to be certain that we have done everything possible to support our loved ones in their highest expression to their next journey to the Heavens. To book this service, please fill out a contact form. If you need immediate assistance, please email at Marla, is very quick to respond.

I am available to come to you within the Twin Cities. Fees apply. Now available for Virtual or In-Home services

What is Sound of Frequency Humming?

Everything has an Energy Frequency. The type of Energy that has been gifted to me is called Humming. It creates Sound and Vibrational Frequencies. I've been gifted a technique that breaks up Distortions, AI, Negative Energy, Cuts Cords (cuts energy attached to you from others and self) Helps Produce Relaxation, Chakra Clearing to get a Flow through your Energy Fields, Emotional Release, Better Health and so much more. The sound produced comes deep from my Vegus Nerve which is the High Way to our Parasympathetic Nervous System. It carries signals between your brain, heart and digestive system.


My humming self regulates with your body vibration and it's vibration is carried through out your entire system. Many also call this Etheric Surgery. Etheric Surgery is a new term for new group of Practitioners (some Indigo's) facilitating this type of healing that works with the Nadis System or layers of Auric Field. The Nadis System is the Electrical Nerval Plexus that receives and transmits the new frequencies being absorbed into the entire individual energy cellular body. It is located at the Etheric template layer of the energy body.

Many times before and after any Energy work, I bring in Ancient Traditions of Energy Cleansing. I may Smudge White Sage or Palo Santo Wood. This helps clear Energy Fields to Initiate my work. I may also use an Ancient Energy Current called the Maharic 12 D Shielding. I may gently touch Chakra areas and use Crystals as a tool to move cleanse and heal energy.

I recommend a minimal of 3 initial sessions In Person or Remotely to be utilized within a week or two to help see quicker results. The more often Sound of Frequency Humming  initially is used, the better you will feel.

When using Crystal Sound Bathing with Sound of Frequency Humming, the frequency from the crystal bowls act as a carrier wave for the Humming. Incorporating Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, Crystal Sound Bathing and Sound of Frequency Humming all in unison is one of the most powerful energy sessions you can receive here at Angelic Realms Productions.

Image by Casey Horner

Crystal Sound Bowls

Crystal Sound Bowls are made of quartz, and when put under pressure, they have an effect called Piezoelectric. It amplifies, stores, and transforms energy. Since our bodies hold crystalline structures, the crystal quartz bowls resonate with our crystalline structures at the same frequency.


Our bodies have antenna-like structures called cilia that receive and respond to vibrational energy fields like sound, light, and frequency waves. "The existence of cilia is why the state of our physical bodies, in addition to our mental perspective, is impacted so positively by sound healing modalities." The sound vibration is healing at a cellular level because of these cilium.

Our bodies have a unique ideal frequency that vibrates, called Resonance. Your cells, organs, and bones all hold a frequency. When illness sets in, the frequency of that illness changes and becomes dissonant. My goal when working in any frequency modality is to get you back into resonance and restore the balance of your frequency, which will help

balance your mind, body, and soul. It will put you back into perfect harmonizing balance that will have a profound impact on your immune system, mental, and emotional well-being.

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