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Sound of Frequency Humming

  • 1 hour
  • 175 US dollars
  • In Home, Salt Room Locations, Virtual(zoom), Sound of Frequency(Humming

Service Description

Deep Dive into 40 mins of Sound of Frequency Humming. It is also known as Etheric Surgery. It's a new type of healing modality. It Breaks up Distortions, Helps Remove AI, Negative Entities/Energies, Breaks Cords(Hooks), Opens Chakra Fields and more. My body frequency aligns and adjusts with your frequency. You will hear all different pitches while I'm Humming. Many say they feel and see different things while I'm doing SOFH, from tingling, seeing colors or shapes, ears ringing, stomach gurgling, a feeling of openness, releases, internal vibration, more energy and connection to their consciousness, disconnection to what doesn't serve a purpose, healing from emotional stress and more. When you incorporate Crystal Sound Bathing with Humming the frequency of the bowls act as a carrier wave to the Humming and the frequency is stronger. SOFH to help your energy points move so you can have a better Flow of Energy which leads to better health, consciousness connection and deeper feelings of trusting yourself at all levels. It also helps open and connect you to your Auric Field. Many times, when humming I will pause and explain what I am feeling and consult with you Location will be In Home(no additional fee), On Line, Nirvana Wellness Center in Burnsville,MN or Serenity Wellness Center, Hastings MN, for additional fees. Halo Therapy Salt Room is available for an additional fee based on Wellness Center Location. I am available to come to you within the Twin Cities. Fees apply. Now available for home, business, private/group events and classes. Cancellation Policy -Refund Policy- Please have an understanding that once you make a purchase there are no refunds. However, I do allow you to gift your package to one person if you are not able to commit. If you made a purchase and would like to cancel, you have 24hrs to do so and I will give you a full refund. Package purchases are a commitment to your Spiritual Growth and Healing. Cancellation Policy Sometimes life is so busy and full of surprises. If you are not able to make your appointment, please take in consideration that I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you decide to not cancel and no show, your appointment will be considered as used in full.

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