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This listing is for a pair of Shungite Frosted Crystal Quartz and Labradorite Crystal Earrings. The earring wire wrap is Copper(it will oxidize and turn dark) and the earring wire is Sterling Silver.

Shungite helps protect your energy fields from harmful EMF(Electromagnetic Fields) and Negative Energy. When Shungite and Labradorite is combined even more protective fields happen. Labradorite is one of my favorite stones for the flashing of colors and properties.

Clear Quartz absorbs, stores, releases energy. It's a balancing stone and also protects from chemicals and EMF.

Labradorite is great for opening the crown, Throat and third eye Chakra . It's a stone know. For transformation, promotes psychic abilities, intuition, good for brain and eye disorders.

Note: I recommend cleaning your crystals with Selenite or The Sun. I avoid cleansing all crystals from the moon for personal reasons.

Customizing is available.

Shungite Labradorite Crystal Quartz Earrings EMF Protection

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