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Welcome to my Line Of Healing Energy Power Conductor Cuffs.

Copper amplifies energy Flow. Similar to being a conductor in the Spiritual Realms. It has many different properties that are truly magnificent.

Clear Quartz is a very POWERFUL crystal. Known to help heal and create a flow of chakras by releasing pain and unblocking. It is known to balance and harmonize. It's augments energy by absorbing, amplifying and balancing, storing, retrieving, focusing, transmitting and channelling universal energy.

Let it FLOW

This listing is for a 3 Crystal Quartz Wire Wrapped FLOW Healing Hammered Brushed Copper Cuff Bracelet. The Cuff is about 18 gage and a bit over 1"wide. You will be receiving this Cuff. However I am able to customize a similar cuff.

Healing Clear Crystal Quartz Hammered Cuff Bracelet

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