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This workshop is for Facilitators. As we Accrete to higher levels in Ascension your clients are counting on you to guide, update their DNA and open seals that have been in phase lock. It is up to you to update your energetic system as well.

In this 3 week workshop we will dive into Science and Spirituality. Energy and Consciousness. Light and Sound. You will learn basic Ascensions Mechanics, Our 15 Dimensional Time Matrix, The Illusion of Sepration, Our Hologram, The Kathara Grid, Chakras, DNA Activation , Healing at High Levels of Consciousness, Your Divine Blueprint, The Christos Realignment Mission and CDT Plates. This class will include learning Psonns, DNA Activation, Protection Meditations, Symbols, Codes and Seal Releasing. During some of these lessons we will be singing, reciting prayers, doing visual light work that connect us to our Higherselves and learn how to incorporate within our practice.

We will meet via zoom for 3 Mondays in a row starting July 22nd, 29th and August 5th at 7pm central time. The classes will be recorded. Upon making your purchase, I will send you pdf files that your will need for this class. Its best to have these files printed but they can get expensive. I suggest having them printed double sided and put in a 3 ring binder.

There are no refunds, however, if you are not able to attend a session the zoom recording will be provided for you. If you need to cancel your class, you will receive a credit for the next scheduled class.

This workshop is for educational purposes only!

Facilitator Workshop

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