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Welcome to my Line Of Healing Energy Power Conductor Shungite and Crystal Quartz Dog and Cat Collars. Why not protect our beautiful fur babies from Electromagnetic Fields?!

Copper amplifies energy Flow. Similar to being a conductor in the Spiritual Realms. It has many different properties that are truly magnificent.

Clear Quartz is a very POWERFUL crystal. Known to help heal and create a flow of chakras by releasing pain and unblocking. It is known to balance and harmonize. It's augments energy by absorbing, amplifying and balancing, storing, retrieving, focusing, transmitting and channelling universal energy.

Shungite helps protect you from Electromagnetic Fields and the negative affects of EMF.

This listing is for a Leather , Copper, Crystal Quartz and SHUNGITE Wire Wrapped Hammered Extra Small(11.5"-14") Dog Collar. There are two copper wires inside the leather to help with energy flow and acts as a conductor for the Crystal and Shungite.

The Teal Color is dyed on the outside only. Dark Brown is stained on the outside only. The natural color has no dyes or stains. It will darken over time.

Please measure your pet's neck properly. These items are custom made just for your baby and are non refundable.

More Information

What is a Power Activator Dog Collar?

Copper acts as a conductor for energy.

Crystals are alive and hold Consciousness. They heal, guide, open Chakras and so much more depending on the Crystal Type.

Shungite is a powerful Protection stone against EMF(Electromagnetic Fields) Radiation and more.

Why not protect your beautiful pet and help aid in healing along with Powerful Quantum Thoughts.

Thoughts are the electrical charge in the Quantum Field.

Feelings are the magnetic charge in the Quantum Field.

How you think and how you feel broadcast an electrical magnetic signature that affects every aspect of your life.

Thoughts send the signal out and feelings are the magnetic field that draws the event back to you

Pull your Thoughts and Feelings together and help your beautiful pet.

Extra Small Power Copper Crystal Quartz Shungite Dog Collars XS

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