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Welcome to my Line Of Healing Energy Power Conductor FLOW Cuffs.

Copper amplifies energy Flow. Similar to being a conductor in the Spiritual Realms. It has many different properties that are truly magnificent.

Ruby is known for rebuilding love and trust. It's the burning bright light in darkness kind of a stone. It's great for the root chakra.

Blue Sapphire is known as a protecting stone from negative energies, promotes calmness, balance emotions and helps release.

Clear Quartz absorbs, stores, releases energy. It's a balancing stone and also protects from chemicals and EMF.

This listing is for a Polished Wire Wrapped Crystal Quartz, Sapphire, Ruby and Hammered USA Love Copper Cuff Bracelet. The Cuff is about 18 gage and 1/2"wide. Aged Dark Patina is available.

Clear Quartz, Sapphire, Ruby Hammered USA Cuff Bracelet

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