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Clear your Energy Fields and bring in the Earths Elements With a Handmade Ceremonial Smudging Wand.

This handmade Ceremonial Smudging Beach Drift Wood Turkey Feather Energy Quartz Crystal with Copper, Shungite(with Copper) and Shell Smudging. Shungite helps protect your energy fields from harmful EMF Radiation.

This handmade wand comes with 1 Sage Bundle and 2 Palo Santo Sticks.

Guidance with Smudging

1. Tell all negative entities/energies they have to leave your home, computers, phones or where ever else you see fit. Direct them to leave and be free. Their families are waiting for them with Love and Guidance. The Negatives have been Tricked and Deceived and it's time to be Set Free.

2. Set Intentions (love, guidance  etc....)and/say prayer of your choice.

Please note: When Clearing space, make sure you clear in corners of rooms, bathrooms, closets or any small areas.

Much Love.


Ceremonial Smudging Feather Wand Shell ,Quartz and Shungite Crystal Sm

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