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To all my future clients. I am sharing a testimonial page so you can have an understanding of where some of my clients have been in their healing journey and how my gifted abilities have helped. I do not claim these gifts as my own since they were given to help you. I am merely a vessel.

Marla is a kindred spirit with a truly beautiful soul.  Over the past couple of years, I've literally watched Marla's level of "consciousness" ascend and flourish leaps and bounds.  Marla has always had a passion and heart for helping others (people and animals), but this spiritual awakening that I've both witnessed and experienced, has helped her tap into her divine gifts at a much greater level.  As a light worker, healing, guiding and teaching comes naturally to Marla -- perhaps because she's done all this before in another realm.


Last year, I personally suffered a rare and unique spinal stroke.  Doctors are really at a loss as to how to treat me (though they won't admit that), so I've really been somewhat of a guinea pig.  I'm numb from the waist down, I suffer severe neuropathy, my temperature nerve is toast, my bladder/bowels have been affected, and my walk is compromised.  As a result of this, my entire way of life and my activity level have changed significantly, AND it's impacted the work I can do because I can't sit and/or stand long at one time.  The pain has been so severe that I agreed to get a spinal stimulator, which has been implanted into my body.  Unfortunately, it hasn't provided the relief expected, hence my exploration of alternative healing practices.


I reached out to Marla after learning she'd discovered her "humming" gift, because I too, believe in frequency/vibrational healing capabilities.  As of this writing, I've had two sessions with Marla, and I can honestly say I truly FEEL cellular movement when she hums while I lay on her PEMF mat.  While humming, she actually moves activated crystals about my body.  When she reaches areas presenting the most pain for me, her humming ironically intensifies.  She's picking that up, as I've not shared my specific troubled spots.  It's truly an amazing experience.  I'm not healed by any means at this point, but I see promise in this process with consistency.  Marla intends to work with me on unblocking chakras, and deep diving on inner child work, as it's likely that unresolved past traumas are holding back my healing process.  Marla will be challenged by the AI implanted inside me, but she's a warrior who's up for the challenge -- all in the spirit of healing, which is in her DNA.  I will be a work in progress, but I'm happy to share more as things progress.


In the meantime, check Marla's services out for yourself, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  INVEST in yourself!  Check out her storefront as well, as she has beautiful protection jewelry, smudging wands, ceremonial headpieces, hair clips, pet collar etc.  Keep you and your loved ones protected!


Love you Marla,


Shelley PR


Marla has helped me in so many positive ways.  She provided easy to use tools that assisted me to understand my personal spiritual path and supported me while on my journey of emotional healing.  She is extremely kind, knowledgeable, passionate and has a loving soul.  She's always been available to me and genuinely desires happiness for everyone.  Many thanks Marla!

Blessings and love, Rachael


I want to thank you for the healing session 3 days ago. My experience was a gradual lifting of a heavy and low vibrational state. It had been that way for a while, weeks for sure. The humming dislodged this heaviness, and today, 3 days later, I am creating all kinds of medicine and foods in my kitchen. 

Thank you for teaching me about how AI operates to bring in negative energy and also ways to cope, such as cleaning with sage. 

I am able to move about more freely and have more energy as a result of your shamanic healing process of humming.



Adena Carol Sue Detty

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