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Fun, Interesting and Enlightening Experiences

Spirit Tracing

Kristy Peoples is a very gifted and talented woman who did my Spirit Tracing. She spent hours upon hours (over 90 hours) doing my tracings, artistry drawings and lineage. It was absolutely fascinating to watch her create from merely one photo I sent her. She can see Spirits that surround and protect me along with my Twin Flame. Please note that just because your may know who your twin is, it doesn't mean you are supposed to have a relationship with them. They may not even be here in this current realm. We are very, very powerful beings regardless. What's important is that we Act Accordingly!

Thank you Kristy for your hard and beautiful work. I know you were attacked endlessly while doing this project. You are truly a Warrior and very loved. In Gratitude!!!!

This was the photo Kristy used to start my tracing. You can see quite a few beings around me. The two male beings on the right are connected to the Onenian Lineage of my Twin Flame. There are many different dimensional versions of your twin just like there are of you. The one with the crazy hair is an Olmec. The one with a Feather in his hair is a Pleiadian. The female holding a scroll is my Pleiadian Higher Self. The scroll means that I am ready for the next phase of my Journey's Soul Contract. The one on the left is a Hyadean. These are different dimensional versions of our past and sometimes future twin flames and can be our guides.


The slide photos are the creation of Nemotos. If you would like to see the photos up close. Please tap the link.

Kristy sent me the below information about Nemotos.


I would like to introduce you to NEMOTOS. He's a 9th dimensional Venusian and is a past life aspect of your infinite twin flame. He wants it noted that he is not one of the dimensional versions of your TF that are pestering you. He says it was you whom taught him love as a Venusian, and that he is there guiding and protecting you in this life, and is there assisting you in your healing and energy work, as some of which you will be re-learning are that in which you had taught him. Your tribe was an aquatic race, whom also walked upon land, whom had cities both above and under water. He says that your life together on Venus of the 9th dimension was filled with joy and peace, and that you were a great healer and teacher there helping others to harness their Divine abilities, much of which you will once again be doing here. He wants you to know that he loves you, and that he is so incredibly proud of the woman you are and the woman you are blossoming into, and that he will always be there by your side.

Yhiilli Anuhazi Tribe - Keeper of The Violet Blue Flame

I'm honored to present to you Onenian, One of the Original Anuhazi, and One of the Original 12 God Seeds, of the Yhiilli Tribe of Angelics. He's a Keeper of the Violet Blue flame and is presenting your scroll in a ceremonial robe, as you have graduated to a higher comprehension of knowledge, and welcomes you consciously back to the family. Like myself, you have known him for aeons. He's an aspect of Onenian of the Very Divine Holy Sacred Highest of the YUNASAI, and has asked me to give you the following.


The Star on my Anuhazi robe is a Merkaba Star and this is the First and only rendition of this Anuhazi.

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